Long story short, my favorite group came to my country and the concert was in the city where I lived. My bias always was so talented, funny and so kind to everyone around him. He is so handsome even almost every K-pop fan acknowledge it. This was why he was my bias. I saw him in the concert and after the concert I was so happy.
When I was laying down my father called me and said he saw crowded Koreans staying in the hotel and if I wanted come and see them. I was kinda disappointed because I like K-pop and it doesn't mean I like every Korean person...WAS NOT THE REACTION I GAVE. I was a whole Koreaboo then. So I wanted to at least see them if not taking a picture together.
But after I arrived hotel I couldn't see any Korean around. I walked in the hotel halls around a hour but I didn't see any Korean. It was getting dark and my father finished his job. When he saw my sad face he said he would treat me and took me to an Asian restaurant. We were walking to the metro station to go to the restaurant then suddenly in the corner of an empty park I saw 2 Koreans. I was not sure first since it was dark but then I realized they were my bias and another member. Because they were wearing the same hoodies they wore in airport. I told my father I want to take a selfie with them so he should wait for me. I was slowly and silently getting closer to them. I was so excited and happy. Then my bias made a phone call. This was when things got worse.
I guess the person on the phone was his girlfriend and they started to argue. I won't give details since it is personal matter but he got too mad at her. He was saying shibal per sentence. He said she would be nothing if it wasn't for him and as a woman she should be thankful to have him because despite having many pretty fangirls he chose her. After the call ended, he started to talk with other member. They smoked and gossip about a staff they met today at the concert. They were talking so rude. I was disappointed and sad so I left and told everything to my dad. Instead of restaurant we went home and I cried all night. I saw my bias's misogynist, rude and smoker side. Do you have an experience like mine?

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