I've been a stan for 10 years now and I made friends along the way. 

However there was one person I was really close to at some point but she was a huge boy group stan, any type of comment that might be regarded as a criticism was a huge offense to her and she often badmouthed women (like pretty often) or looked down on them to the point it was off-putting especially when they had something to do with her biases (she was particularly shady about this one female idol who dated her bias, it wasn't a coincidence). 

At some point I talked to her about this because we were both adults in our 20s and that sort of behavior was a bit childish and she said she didn't know what I was talking about but she would be more considerate in the future etc. 

I thought the matter was solved but I guess she took it as an attack or something because she blocked me from everywhere and I never talked to her again. 

It left me pretty sad because we were really good friends. We had a little friend circle online and I don't know what she told them, but eventually they all picked her side and stopped talking to me. That sorta took away my enthusiasm in KPOP and now I'm more of a casual listener, but sometimes I still miss my ex friend and all the good memories I had with them. 

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