I've been interested in Korean culture ever since 2017 and I never told my friends I listen to Kpop. I honestly thought its pretty embarrassing even though its just music. A lot of people stereotype us and I have a few Asian friends too, so I feel like they'd be weirded out by it. Thus I have been secretly living like this.

Whenever I go to a concert, they ask me which artist and I make up I'm going to see some unknown Indie Band or something. I collect a ton of merch, so whenever they visit, I stash it away or so. I am a pretty dedicated fan, so that just makes it way harder for me to hide it. Also, I've never told anyone about it in any relationship.

Recently I was talking with them and they suddenly started making fun of Kpop and Kpop fans. I just kept quiet since I didn't know what to say. I agree a lot of fans are overdramatic and such since a lot of them are younger, but I still felt kinda bad.

I just feel really embarrassed since I'm in my 20s and working. Many people think its a childish interest, so I never wanted to share.

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