I've been following k-pop for over 10 years now and now I've reached my quarter life crisis. 

I've always loved dancing and singing ever since I was young but got into it even more due to k-pop. but I was always more self-conscious of my singing more than my dancing (because I have a higher vocal range that can come off as annoying - esp at night lol) but I do think I have a pretty nice voice (not to sound like (I'm bragging or anything)

People have complimented my dancing since I was little and that's definitely something I genuinely enjoy doing a lot! I enjoy performing, being on stage, and having fun. I've done kpop covers, joined dance teams in high school and college! and I've actually even tried auditioning for a few companies at some point in my life. I genuinely wanted to become a kpop idol since high school.

But U was never confident about my appearance (overweight and I never really cared much about fashion/appearance). I mostly just wore baggy clothes all the time.

I eventually got my glow up but now I'm way too old to be auditioning haha #rip

I took a break from kpop near the end of college to focus on my future and career. I'm in grad school rn (a very successful program at that too) but recently I've been getting back into kpop and still have such a strong longing desire to becoming a k-pop idol again. Esp since the kpop dances have gotten so much better over the generations.

I know being a kpop idol is not an easy life (lack of privacy, antis, overworked, don't always succeed, etc.) but I've always thought I would enjoy it more than hate it because I'd be able to do what I love, get the opportunity to possibly befriend some of my fave idols, be loved by fans (ofc there will always be antis - but still), and idk just dance my heart out and look good while doing it!

I feel pretty stupid tho because I'm currently an adult in a successful grad school program and still desiring to be a kpop idol, a dream that is no longer feasible at this point in my quarter-life crisis.

Just wanted to let it out somewhere and hear some of your thoughts:) hope you all have a great week!

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