I don’t really know where to start butttt I (23F) have a close friend (23F) that I’ve known since we were both 8 who is getting married next year. I (and pretty much everyone we knew) was shook when she posted about her marriage on Instagram because nobody knew she was in a serious relationship. When she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids I was like “sure but I gotta meet the groom because ????”

I also asked her a lot about them because honestly I didn’t really “support” this 100% from the start. I just felt really odd about this whole situation. One of my closest friends just revealed randomly that she’s getting married to someone nobody except her family knew about (she says they been dating for almost two years). 

Fast forward to the day we (as in myself and our other friends/bridesmaids) meet him. I immediately recognized him. He was this weird guy I went to middle and high school with. I wasn’t super close to him but my brother was pretty much best friends with him. And his whole family were pretty crazy. They claimed they were descendants of a king from their/our country and that my friend’s fiancé was “technically the king”. Supposedly, FF (friend’s fiancé) grandfather was the ONLY and very secret child of the king and queen at the time but because of threats from another country, they hid his existence and sent him away to another country. 
Whenever my family were around them, they all expected to be treated respectfully because if we’re of the same ethnic background, they were our royal family. Eventually my parents told my brother and I to stay away from them after the dad was trying to get my parents to join their “social group”.

Back to the present, after meeting him, everyone loves him immediately. He’s handsome, pretty rich, has manners, and can do no wrong 😑. Nobody cares that he and his family claims to be royalty or apart of some weird “social group”. When I raised questions about him or his family, I got treated like I’m some crazy jealous person who doesn’t want my friend to be happy. Actually there are a few who think it’s weird but think it’ll be fine as long as they aren’t trying to actually bring back a monarchy in our home country. My parents said I shouldn’t care because “someone who’s stupid enough to fall into a cult deserves to find their way out” I guess that’s Asians for ya…Idk if I should just go along with everything so I can keep contact with her or just give up on our relationship. I’d hate for something bad to happen to her :/

Fck rich people, you’re all weird.

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