[PC stories/life stories] LIFE IS F*CKING UNFAIR

Hi. I am 22 years old and now I am still studying at college. But I don't feel 22 at all. Nor I feel like a college student. I am burned out. 

Ever since I was a kid, I worked hard and sometimes harder than other kids. Because of my family issues and my family's financial issues. I had my dreams but I couldn't choose the path to my dreams because of financial issues again. I wanted to gain hobbies but couldn't because of financial issues again. Because my priority was always solving my hunger and studying.

Now my country is in a terrible state. Way worse than your country and I don't say it, statistics say. It's economy makes poor ,poorer and rich, richer. And in an extreme way. So I just laugh when youngsters in other countries say things like "No way! I have to work 8 months to buy a car." When in our country we have to work like 200 months. And finding job is extremely hard since my country is in a crisis. You need connections.

I see rich kids reaching their goals easier every time. They can get the materials easily or do the essential parts easily so they are always a step ahead of kids like me. They can even become influencers because they can get prettier with money and buy healthy foods with money. They can show the things they bought or made with money and will gain popularity. 

So I just think life is really unfair. Why some have to try and work harder than others to reach a point? It is not like it is easy to change your social and economy level in this invisible cast system. Why is it I was born in this country? I wouldn't want it. I would like to born in an Europe country or rich countries like South Korea or Japan too. Why is it I was born in a poor family? I am just jealous the kids out there live their life as its finest. They can travel, explore, buy food and have fun. I know you will say "But you don't know if they have mental hardships there", f*ck no it is still better. I have both mental and financial hardships right now so it is still better to not have financial issues at least and I would still choose it.

 You all, I tried everything to change my lifestyle but there are things you can't change no matter how hard you try. Life is just unfair and mine is miserable.

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