Looking at the edit of 158 cm Jan Wonyoung, her aura is totally different
Pann-girls always claim that height isn't important but I feel like it is important in reality

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No but am I the only one who thinks like this? In reality, I've never seen anyone who would set their standard of beauty according to height. Even if you go to any university right now and look at the popular kids, nobody will say that they are popular because of whether they are tall or not but because of their faceㅋㅋㅋ In real life, people would just lightly say that their ideal type is so and so's height but even those people are not as obsessed about height than people on Pann. Someone's face has always been the only thing that determines their popularity.... Also, everything else aside, isn't everyone's height preference subjective?ㅋㅋㅋ even though guys who only like girls with pretty faces, I've never seen any guys saying things like "I'll only date girls who are 168~170 tall!!".... Height is really subjective... there's no kid in real life who are this obsessed about heightㅋㅋㅋ
"Among the representative beauties of Korean Tae-Hye-Ji + Song Yejin, Kim Heesun , etc, the only one with height that stands out is probably Jun Jihyun? Also, most of the remaining ones are in the high 150's~low-mid 160's. The face is way more important. The merit that the face gives is biggerㅋㅋ"

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Yep, I'll clarify this for you Hannams with inferiority complex who would write posts like these periodically to drag short girls. Taeyeon, Irene, Song Hyekyo, Jennie, Jisoo, etc. are all short and pretty and their nickname is 'fairy', while for you short guys, your nickname is 'loser'ㅇㅇ doesn't this gives you the answer already?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ for a girl, even if they are short, if they are pretty, they are the best and are fairiesㅇㅇ but it's impossible for guys ^^ that's the realityㅎㅎ bleh

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No but you're the one who edited this weirdly in the first place... In the short Jang Wonyoung, you even made her neck shorter and made her look unnatural. Besides, if you shorten her, you should've done it proportionallyㅋㅋ Jang Wonyoung is 173 and Nako is 148. If you you don't adjust the face size of someone who's 173 on a 158 body, then of course she'd look weird no? Also, Nako is a case of someone who's extremely short... People who are moderately short (158~160) wouldn't get dragged for their height at allㅋㅋ

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I do feel like people care much more about someone's body than before

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Wow but that Jang Wonyoung edit is for real. She's way prettier because she's tall

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Isn't Nako 149 and not 158?

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Personally, you need to be at least 160

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