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No but honestly
She was an adult but does she really wanted to have sex*al relationship with a 1st/2nd grade high schooler...?  
It's a relief that they're raising their child just fine now, but that's another issue 

How can an adult think of having s*x with a minor and get pregnant?
i can't understand Hong Youngki ㅠㅠ I feel like using your common sense and morality, this shouldn't be an acceptable behavior
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T/n: Hong Youngki (92'er) met Lee Seyoung (95'er) when he was still in highschool. They got married in 2014 (man: 20 y'o), had their first child in 2013 (man: 19 y'o) but they actually announced their 'premarital pregnancy in 2012 (man: 18y'o). 21 y'o is considered legal age in Korea.

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1. [+331, -69]
Their kid is already how many years old and you're only dragging her now?

2. [+281, -30]
Honestly people only gave her a pass because she's a woman.  If the man was adult and the woman was minor, it would've been a real mess

3. [+149, -39]
Hong Youngki is still living happily with Lee Seyoung and their kid is even attending elementary school now. Who cares if you can't move on from something that happened 10 years ago?  Are you going to find Hong Youngki and drag her by the neck?

4. [+90, -1]
What's funny is that they claim to be Christiansㅋㅋ

5. [+83, -197]
Why are you bringing something that happened 10 years ago with today's standard?

6. [+81, 9]
I can acknowledge the fact that if the genders were reversed, she would've gotten f*cking sworn at. But she already has a kid and he's even in elementary school already ㅠ if I think about the kid, I can't bring myself to hate on her. Kids like him probably is already visiting communities like Facebook and IG, what if he falls on this kind of post..? They're taking care of the kid now just leave them be...

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