Seriously, if you're asking me how comfortable I am.. the kids asked me to hang out and I had something I wanted to buy at Olive Young. So usually, it would be ok to just hang out with the kids and then if we bump into an Olive Young, to go in for a bit right? But I would just leave the kids and go alone... It's not that my friends make me uncomfortable but I'm just more comfortable shopping and buying things alone. I feel like if I went with my friends, I would have to tell them why and what I'm buying and it's just a pain. It makes me wonder why I must even talk about this with them... 

I seriously like watching movies and eating alone too maybe because of my personality. I like hanging out and playing with my friends but on my way home, all my energy is drained.. Also, I would never tell them about my secrets or weakness.. My close friends talk to me about theirs but I don't.. to be honest, it might be because I'm just an average person without any embarrassing parts or secret...

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1. [+163, -1]
Me too I'm fine with eating and watching movies alone but I don't do it in my districtㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because I might run into my friends... I would be too embarrassed. So I just go somewhere farther. Also, I like putting on my Airpods and just look outside the bus so I'd rather do things like this

2. [+145, -1]
I agree because I'm like this too..... When I'm alone, I'm comfortable and really feel healing...

3. [+116, -1]
I'm like that tooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like playing with my friends but it drains me and I can't hang out all the time. When I go out alone, it's healing and comfortable so I like it...

4. [+70, -1]
It's true that being alone is comfortable. If ever I have to be alone for a long time, I do get lonely. So then, I meet with people for a moderate amount of time, get tired and then recharge. Doing things like this is way better.. I feel like being alone for too long gives me a reality check

5. [+46, -1]
I'm an INFJ.. I so feel like being alone is so comfortable... I don't feel lonely and I feel healing. Rather, shopping with friends drains me out.. Also, they just talk endlessly and going around shopping aimlessly just feels so inefficient..ㅠ

6. [+39, 0]
I thought that I was the only one like this.. I'm voluntarily like this and I'm not doing mental gymnastics just because I'm an outsider (T/N: no friends/reject). It's just f*cking comfortable. I can go wherever I want, eat whatever I want, if I'm tired, I can go home.. and I find it fun and enjoyable to just walk around anywhere

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