They failed at copy pasting the tables and the man on the left is missing his legs. The shoes are also copied from 3D models

t/n: for reference, Naver webtoons need approval from the system/company to be able to get published, we're not sure if this is from Naver but a comment mentions it

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You're telling this is a legit serialized webtoon...??

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It's okay if you suck at drawing~ Since this is only a webtoon~ (what people actually say) 

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The method you can tell webtoon artists who can't draw. They only use 3D backgrounds that are sold on websites and use it without even editing it a bit. And webtoon artists who want to pretend like they can draw will buy those same 3D backgrounds and change a bit of the filters and go ham on the post-editing 

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I rather  read the webtoons who are lower [ranked] which are f*cking enjoyable with actually masterpiece work... Webtoons like "Catch the Tail (꼬리잡기 )", "Class 9 of the 1st grade (1학년 9반)" etc. are freaking fun 

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Honestly, looking at the drawing skills of Naver Webtoons lately, I feel like as long as you have strong connections, you'll be able to easily release webtoons

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Here's how you get to #1 on Naver Webtoon these days~ You MUST!! find a red color thumbnail background. The plot has must cover some sort of school life~ including iljins and incels etc... However, me, being the MC, the incel, I'm being bullied by the iljin girl (who have f*cking huge boobs and smooth thighs).. But for a reason unknown, whenever she bullies me, her face turns red~ One day, I let go of my incel self and start working out hard and become jjang jjang cool ^^ That's how I'm able to now fight the other neighborhood's crews^^ end~!

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I can't understand those webtoons with bad drawing, no message behind the plot and boring stories. I don't get what they're trying to achieve

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