[teens stories] STUDY CAFES NOWADAYS

t/n: For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, study cafes, just like the name says, is similar to a library (can't make noise/can't do social activities), which are meant for students to study/work but with people who serves you cafes and snacks
"Study Cafes
Bans its use for middle school students
(Reservations are only allowed starting from 1st year of high school) 

If caught using it without permission, you will be evacuated without reimbursement

For middle school students, parents need to ask the [cafe] owners separately"

"Middle school students banned from entry
Legal action to be taken on unauthorized entry"

"Notice on age restrictions
To create the atmosphere of an "Urban Study Cafe", we only accept students above high school grade. 

If middle school students are caught, we will ask you to leave without reimbursement.

Those rules are enacted for a better environment, we ask the customers to understand"

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1. [+587, -25]
Male middle schoolers are honestly a pack of animals

2. [+416, -1]
They shouldn't be banning entry to middle school students but to thugs. F*ck they reek of cigarettes smell and they keep shooting those f*Cking IG stories and always holds the door f*cking opened all the time. They're just hopeless

3. [+383, -11]
Honestly, at first, I thought this was a bit oba, but I don't think like that anymore... I seriously want to k*ll all middle school students

4. [+186, -3]
Middle schoolers are the evils of societyㅇㅇ Me too, I've been in middle school, but me too I used to be the evil of society 

5. [+135, -0]
I'm a part-timer at a study cafe and honestly, the middle school students who come alone to study are quiet and study on their own, but once they're in a group, regardless of being guys or girls, they're just become a cloud of whisperers and ruin the mood. They keep asking each other to save their seats while they go off and play with their friends, so they just leave their stuff there. It's like they don't know other people are there. I've seen so many instances where people who purchased their seats got embarrassed because of them. I know that high schoolers also do it, but since they have a greater sense of responsibility, they do it less. But some of them are no different from middle school studentsㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+69, -0]
But seriously this can't be helpedㅋㅋㅋㅋ Middle schoolers are seriously so loud 

7. [+65, -0]
There are lots of kids who sneak in 

8. [+61, -0]
Nowadays, those middle school f*ckers are taking screencaps of cafe owners sending them texts to pipe it down and release it on their IG stories and bullsh*t on them. They're seriously so f*cked up 

9. [+56, -2]
Can those f*cking middle school male students stop moving around in groups

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