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I honestly hate them... people without tattoos are way more likable than people with tattoos for me and look cleaner

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1. [+263, -6]
I'm fine if it's small but I don't understand people who are covered with tattoos. They look like thugs

2. [+155, -16]
I like people who seem to be covered with tattoos but who don't have any ㅋㅋㅋ it's a weird ideal type... I also don't know if this means that I like or hate tattoos

3. [+120, -43]
I think it's fine if the tattoo matches the person since it doesn't look out of place and just seems like that person is wearing an outfit that suits them

4. [+109, -96]
I get so turned off even at the sight of a small tattoo... first of all, their parents seem a little weird..

5. [+104, -1]
To be honest, men with their arms covered in tattoos make me want to barfㅡㅡ that's why I just hate tattoos

6. [+89, -1]
There's a f*cking handsome guy who came to our company and because it's summer, he started wearing shorts and you could see 2 weird flower tattoos on both of his legs. Most of the girls I talked to said that their interest faded off afterwards... Unless you're a celebrity, most of the people won't like tattoos on you

7. [+75, -2]
I'm not saying that you're a thug because you have tattoos but 100% of the thugs have tattoosㅋㅋㅋ

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