"Aespa's music show promotion isn't only the first time in SM but in the entire industry no?"

Either they fought and they got cut, or their schedules are based on a one-time appearance, it's my first time seeing [a group] barely perform on music shows

1. What's their method?
> Just dipping their toes in every music shows
> They only attend let's say Thursday and Saturday this week, and the next week Friday and Sunday (t/n: they only attend the 4 public shows)

2. They did it ever since Black Mamba ugh..

3. I'm another group's fan but didn't they do this last promotion too, but I wished they did it different this time? But I was shocked seeing they did it again this time, just why..???

4. So they only attend music shows once?
> Yup yup, their first broadcast is also their last

"Aespa really only appears 4 times on music shows and that's it...??
Why are they doing thisㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

1. They did it ever since Next Level. At most, they'll do 5ㅎㅎ
> SM is a fool... 

1. Why is SM like that?

2. Dipping their toes in music shows

3. Their first comeback week, they have no music shows promotion
Their 2nd week, they do Mcountdown, Music Core, end. 
The 3rd week, they do Music Bank, Inkigayo, end. 

4. The week they make their digital release, they don't show up on music shows, and the next week, they do Mcountdown, Musiccore, then the next week, they do Music Bank and Inkigayo and leave

5. So they're just doing once of each and that's it??
> Yeah they've been doing that since Next Level..

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1. Seriously this is so annoying, why don't they attend any music shows properlyㅠㅠ

2. Aren't they acting like BlackPink and trying to bring up their exclusivity image? It's about spending less and lasting longer

3. The fans are about to explode, it's not like Aespa has any content on their own either

4. Nowadays, I want to watch Karina's fancams, give us more stagesㅠㅠㅠ

5. It's not a bad thing to dip your toes like that, but at least do it for 2 more weeksㅜ

6. Only the fans will be devastated over this 

7. I'm a reader who find them really likable, but it's such a shame

8. They can indeed promote on music shows, but isn't this considered fan service too? They should at least give us something else to fangirl on.. 

9. I personally think that Aespa is good performing on music shows so it's a bit of a shameㅠWhy are they doing this?

10. The fans must be f*cking annoyed, don't they know how fun it is to watch music shows?

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