What is your favorite song!?

GO UP (2013)

Color Ring (2014)

FOOL (2017)

Really Really (2017)

ISLAND (2017)

Love Me Love Me (2017)

Everyday (2018)

Millions (2018)

Ah Yeah (2019)

SOSO (2019)

I LOVE U (2022)

Aside from these, he composed a lot of side tracks too~!
Melon said themselves that he had on average 100M streams per song he composed

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1. Really Really

2. Love Me Love Me, Everyday

3.. Millions

4. Really Really

5. Island!!

6. Fool, Everyday

7. Millions

8. Really Really

9. Really, Millions

10. Island

11. Really Really is a bop no matter when I listen to it

12. I seriously like Ah Yeah. I seriously get excited when my feelings are down and I listen to it

13. Ah I can't choose between Love Me Love Me - Island - Millions ㅜㅜ

14. Really Really and SOSO are such well-made bops but I like all the songs mentioned above ㅠㅠㅠ

15. Fool

16. Love Me Love Me is jjang

17. Ah but if I think about it, his newest song has the best lyrics so far

18. All of them are bops

19. Really-Island-Millions are the best

20. Winner has so many good songs

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