The ENA channel Wed-Thu drama 'EAW', which is creating a syndrome craze, has been offered a remake in the United States.

A drama official told JTBC Entertainment on the 14th, "International remake proposals are already coming in due to the unusual momentum of 'EAW.'


'EAW', the #1 drama in the Wed-Thu drama category, is rewriting the history of the ENA channel by increasing the ratings every episode. It started with 0.948% in the first episode (Nielsen Korea national standard), doubled to 1.805% in the second episode through word of mouth, then jumped to 4.032% in the third, 5.7% in the fourth, and 9.138% in the fifth. Based on the metropolitan area, the 5th episode is recording an invitational hit with 10.297% and 2049 viewership ratings of 5.2%.

Viewers not only in Korea but also overseas fell in love with the drama, as it was ranked #1 in the non-English TV category on Netflix. On the 'Global Top 10' chart compiled and announced by Netflix, 'EAW' recorded 23.95 million views from the 4th to the 10th and took the first place in the non-English TV category. The gap with the show and the second place is also significant. Compared to the second-placed Mexican drama 'Control Z Season 3', which recorded 18.08 million views, it surpassed 5 million hours.

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1. It's true that it's a syndrome, no matter how hard I try to make my mom watch a drama, she never would, but she's so focused in watching this one. They have a charm that just drags people in. They also have a lot of wise teachings in it

2. Good Doctors did well so I hope that this one does well too 

3. As long as they do well on the casting, the drama will succeed

4. People keep saying that this seems like a Japanese drama, but I always thought that it was closer to an American drama. Now they're actually turning it into an American drama..ㄷ

5. Ohhh what an awesome news!!

6. But I wonder who will play Park Eunbi... I seriously don't know if anyone can top her in terms of acting 

7. They definitely have the topics to be liked in USA or overseasㅋㅋ

8. Good Doctors was totally a good remake, I'm looking forward to this one tooㅋㅋㅋ

9. Of course it's a syndromeㅋㅋㅋ If you just walk outside, everyone is talking about EAW 

10. So niceㅋㅋㅋ I enjoyed their remake of Good Doctors, I hope a lot of people will watch EAW's original work too 

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