"Seriously I can understand why Korea became the nation of plastic surgery"

If you look at people, they're all busy judging others' faces
If there's one person who's the prettiest,  in order to praise that person, people will bash on others to raise them up... 
I've been in that situation, and without knowing, I started looking for plastic surgery clinicsㅜ

- Honestly, there's even job placement plastic surgery... Sighㅠ
- That's true the judging of faces is severe
- I agree. I didn't necessarily care about appearance so I didn't know, but people around me always nitpick my face or my body's 'lacking' parts so I ended up thinking 'so those are my weaknesses' and started caring about it. You don't need to ask Koreans to tell you, they'll tell you straight up and they're so severe when it comes to nitpicking on your appearance. I feel like it comes from a place of competitiveness and inferiority complex from a lot of people
- Honestly...ㅜ Let's just live the way we are... As long as I don't look disgusting.. 

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1. I'm honestly ashamed that Korea has become the land of plastic surgery
The moment you say you're Korean, people ask you "did you fix yourself too?"
And "Is it true that you guys have plastic surgery clinics ads on the streets?"

2. We rank everything, but the way we rank visuals is almost a morbid

3. And there are so many ignorant people... I got into an accident so my face got hurt because of that. Normal people would never ask about it and it's the right thing to do right? But ever since I was in elementary school, I've had people ask me "Why did you turn out like that?" up until today, I've had so many people pointing out stuff to me... And when they don't say it in front of me, they'd talk behind my back about it or I would end up hearing them talk about me when I pass by. I thought to myself 'I need to receive surgery again'. It's painful to look different

4. Let aside the moment you gain a tiny bit of weight, they will point it out, but there are even more crazy b*tches who will straight up tell you to go lose weight. I don't understand the need to be this rude. Instead of spending the time caring about others' faces, go care about your own 

5. And how different people treat others based on their faces... I didn't want to fit in the beauty standards, so I never touched my face but at one point, I'll end up looking like the 'dumb' one because you can live such a comfortable life if only you were pretty...

6. Especially for women, beauty standards are so severe. They're f*cking pitiful seriously 

7. People even refuse to watch dramas because the actors are too ugly... 

8. Celebrities are something else, but even just looking at IG, you will barely find anyone without double eyelids. Our country's natural possibility to develop double eyelids is only 30% but if you look outside, it's almost 99%ㅋㅋ
Of course, if I look at my daily life, including me, there are barely anyone who did it, but on SNS and in the media, almost everyone has it to the point it's normal....

9. Mocking idols for their looks and bashing them for it is f*cking severe. My bias never even got themselves in a controversy. Seriously they make me want to barf

10. But even if you did surgery and got prettier, people will now rank you lower than natural beautiesㅋㅋ There's no end to it 

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