Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

First, I’d like to apologize for the private messages [on UNIVERSE].
I am sorry for causing unnecessary misunderstanding by exaggerating the meaning of “I was nervous and shaking.”
My response in the situation where I was trying to be wary of promoting or heightening gender conflict was imprudent.
I’m sorry that this whole process hurt my fans, who always care about me and worry about me.
From now on, I will be more careful about my remarks and actions.

Cr. Soompi

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1. Be careful...About your carelessness

2. It's not the first or second time he's made tongue slips like that, no matter how much your fans shield you, he needs some self-awareness about being an idol. I know he doesn't mean evil, but he's so thoughtless

3. I thought he was drunk when he made that comment, it was shocking... Good thing he apologize

4. Of course he did wrong to the fans, but he should at least apologize to SWF female dancers no...? He's the one who talked behind their backs first 

5. That's an apology?ㅋ... I have so much to say 

6. He's way too careless with his words..

7. It's not the first of second time.. So I'm not even sure he's able to fix it. I feel like even the fans are worried about him so they always make comments warning him, but he's the one who ignores them all the time and even blocks them... I feel the most pity for his sane fans, he sounds like Kang Sunghoon 

8. Wow what a turn off, I didn't know he was like that 

9. It shows what type of person he is

10. Should've stopped the moment his fans started warning him instead

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