Yves posted a picture of her lips being swollen because of her allergies

And some Korean fan said ''Unnie your lips looks like Go Eunae from Run Hany"
After looking up who it was, Yves changed the picture for her profile picture 

Foreigners who saw her profile picture noticed the curly hair and the thick lips so they said that she was mocking black people and that this is a racist character. They requested her to apologize

In the end, she changed her profile picture again and apologizedㅠ

"A moment ago, I changed my profile picture to that of Go Eunae and a lot [of you guys] got upset. I used the character from "Run Hany" which is a classic Korean manhwa, however, I couldn't imagine that this could cause [you] to feel uncomfortable. I want to relay my apology to the people who have been upset by it. Before I use another character next time, I will try to confirm whether it could cause misunderstanding"

original post: here

1. I can understand them thinking that Michol looks black but I've never thought once in my life that Go Eunae looked black. Do black people really think that there are no Asians with curly hair and thick lips... Honestly, Go Eunae's skin isn't even dark

2. How is Go Eunae black;; 

3. Huh f*ck, do they think everyone with curly hair and thick lips are black?

4. No but Go Eunae is drawn like a typical Korean ajumma no?? The ones who don't want to use all their money at the beauty salon so they go one time at the beauty salon to get the curliest type of perm possible + overline their lips, she's literally a Korean ajumma 

5. What bashing black people?;; 

6. How are they expecting her to be already careful with stuff like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This reminds me of people hearing the word 'niga' in Korean and claiming we're saying the N wordㅋㅋ

7. I-roaches again.... 

10. Seriously I wonder what they think of Atashin'chiㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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