(top down score: digital / broadcast points / audience points / physical points / social media points)


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1. But what happened with Nayeon's SNS points? Why does Nayeon only have 1 point...?

2. Both of them appeared in the exact same broadcasts so it's true that this win makes no sense..ㅋㅋㅋ Still, they just give awards to whoever they want every day 

3. How does Nayeon only have 1 point for SNS? She's doing quite well on Youtube though 

4. Mubank should just remove the ranking overall if they're going to do things like that seriously 

5. And Bangtan isn't even nominated?

6. If not for the broadcast points, the #1 would've been Ive and #2 Bangtan, that's why even though you're #1, you'll never receive #1 on Mubank 

7. Kep1er congrats~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

8. If we remove broadcast points, neither of them would've won #1 anyways so let's just congratulate them...

9. Huh? But in the end none of them deserved the #1 so why bash ...?

10. I feel like both their scores are low

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