Director Song, who was concerned that there was a lot of hatred towards Babi in the original version, said, "I wasn't planning for a season 2 at all. I did a lot of adaptations, so I thought I should give the hope that Babi and Yumi ended up happy together." "I'm sorry that Soonrok's fans are upset, but the love story with Soonrok contains a lot of creative points from original author Lee Donggun, we've worked hard to reflect those moments."

Was there any feedback from the original writer Lee Donggun? Director Song said, "He completely entrusted his work to me, so I was able to work very comfortably." "I asked for his understanding because I added different texture to the story, especially surrounding Babi. He told me to just go with what my heart tells me and to do it comfortably."

t/n *SPOILER* : In the original plot, Babi cheats on Yumi and Yumi ends up dating Soonrok. In the OG work, she actually ends up marrying Soonrok

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1. "A work that is radically different from the original work" <-- The moment he said that, it's already no goodㅋㅋㅋㅋ If he's going to say something like that, they could've just let the character of Bobby completely go and make a new character. Even if it's hit or miss, I could've accepted that. But they didn't even do this... I feel like a lot of people who are undervaluing the fans of the original work. This drama was only possible thanks to the original fans of the workㅋㅋㅋ I don't really watch any romance webtoon usually, but I can completely understand the feelings of the fans from the original work. People are saying stuff like 'they're overly immersed' or whatnot, but isn't the whole point of fangirling to immerse yourself into something...? Just look at any other types of works adapted in the media, the moment the character's personality is remotely different from the original, they get a f*cking beating.. 

2. The original work's fans have the right to be madㅋㅋㅋ People are claiming that "the author sold his copyrights so it doesn't matter if the drama and the original work are different~" yet you guys were the ones who were praising the drama for adapting everything from the beginning to the cells perfectly no? They made everything so similar meanwhile, they gave everything the current boyfriend is supposed to be to the ex-boyfriend, of course people will have something to say...

3. Ugh the overly immersed bugs needs to cut it down 

4. I actually preferred the drama... In the end, Yumi's life ends with work, not a man (the prime cell is the writer cell) and it was well-done. And Babi wasn't just a bad guy, but he had different facets, it's better in terms of experience for Yumi

5. This reminds me of Cheese In The Trap. There was a clear male lead in the original work, meanwhile, the drama made the female lead end up with the other guy and they received f*cking lots of hate 

6. Looks like people don't understand why people are mad
It's not because they don't want to adapt it
It's not because they want to have exactly the same work as the original 
It's obvious that there will be some changes from the original work 
But the new things that the director added isn't just out of 'originality' but he completely dismantled the original character and made a new character
What about just viewing this with a fresh eye? Then what about just writing a completely different work? It's funny that people are asking us to watch the drama with a fresh eye when the character is a mix between the original work and something completely different

7. I really enjoyed the webtoon and I'm still enjoying the drama too;; Everyone is so tiringㅋㅋㅋ Why are you guys so sensitive?

8. I actually prefer this ending 

9. I freaking hat eit 

10. It's the fact that they're giving Babi what was supposed to be Soonrok's that is so so 

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