"Twitter" is claiming that it's plagiarism

WJSN's logo 

Album that Newjeans' members drew
(It's not Newjeans' logo!!!!!)
The English inside the heart isn't WJSN, but Newjeans, but without the vowels, so NWJNS

I'm not going to post the Tweet because it's from a commoner, but there were thousands of RTs (it's still blowing up) and they have a lot of followers too

But the majority of comments are about
"People who aren't WJSN fans, what do you think of this?"
"Even if the members drew it themselves, if they're using it for commercial purposes, it could be considered stolen"
"You can find WJSN's logo with just a simple search, why are they using it?"

t/n: (we found the tweet)

"No but...
It's way too similar
The new group Newjeans logo and our WJSN's logos are exactly the same?"

However, if you search Heart Planet on Google

It's such a common image...

original post: here

1. But it's exactly the same

2. The fact that the spelling is almost the same probably is driving people more crazy...But it's not their official logo so.. 

3. It's not plagiarism, but this isn't common within girl groups...

4. It just seems like a common logo????

5. It's way too common, I'm taken abackㅋㅋ

6. First of all, it's just a scribbleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are people mad?

7. Honestly, even when WJSN debuted at first, people were talking about their logos being plagiarized and they said themselves that it was a common image and that there is no issue

8. It's way too common, and it's not like they're using it as a logo 

9. I just feel like it's very common

10. If you're ignorant, you should've just stood still

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