According to one exclusive media outlet, a male idol-turned-actor who is currently in his thirties turned himself in, confessing to crimes of voice phishing scams. The suspected individual visited Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province back on June 16 KST and confessed, "I received a total of 6 million won from the victim of my voice phishing scam."

After suffering from financial difficulties, the suspected individual revealed that he noticed a high paying job position while scrolling through the internet. He began working there but soon realized that it was a voice phishing job, to which he immediately looked for the police to confess. Since receiving the individual's confession, the police have arrested three more affiliated accomplices.

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1. I just feel bad for him, I hope his name doesn't get revealed

2. Still, he turned himself in wisely

3. There are lots of people like that, you really need to be careful 

4. I feel bad for him... Nowadays there are so many people doing that on top of it, job hunt is so hard...

5. Aigoㅠㅠ There are so many idols who debuted young and get screwed over after they join another company, I feel bad for him 

6. Please don't reveal his name I beg youㅠㅠ

7. He probably thought it was wrong so he turned himself in 

8. It's a relief he turned himself in 

9. They said it's a popular idol turned actor?

10. Aigo... I feel so bad for him. But the fact that he turned himself in means that he probably won't do it again... There's no easy way to earn money..


It was later confirmed that an actor from the idol group FT Island turned himself in to the police after taking part in a voice phishing crime.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency's anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team announced on the 12th that they had booked actor A without detention on charges of fraud.

According to the police, A is suspected of receiving 6 million won from. B, a voice phishing victim, in Gyeonggi-do on the 16th of last month and trying to deliver it to another cash collector.

Person A, who was experiencing financial hardship, started working after seeing an article on the Internet saying 'There is a high-paying part-time job', but after this incident, he realized the responsibility of collecting the money of the voice phishing organization and surrendered to the police.

Person A was a member of the famous idol group FT Island and has been working as an actor after leaving the group.

original post: here

1. Trash journalist

2. Ft island... But aren't they considered a pretty successful group?? How did they end up like that??

3. I'm also a f*cker for clicking the article because of the title...
I know we're talking about the victim's identify but the curiosity got the best of me and I clicked in to read... Those trash journalists won't wake upㅠㅠ

4. I was so shocked and clicked in, but he was the victim

5. There are so many members who left FT island... As long as the victim here wasn't the criminal from Burning Sun.. 

6. Sigh..

"I'm shooting my own work just fine right now.."

7. Aigoㅠㅠ It's someone who turned himself in.. This is too much.. They ended up getting revealed.. They'll probably have a lifetime label stuck on them if they continue to promote as celebrities 

8. Why would you reveal the subject?

9. Pitiful 

10. This is someone who took the courage to turn himself him because they got scammed without knowing 

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