She's the Asian ambassador for Chaumet

F*cking pretty...

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1. She's a queen...

2. How are her visuals still improving now???? She's aging so beautifully, she looks even more and more pretty every year

3. The kids who are talking about her tax evasion here, I bet you don't even consider tax evasion a thing in real life, but you're just bringing it up to bash her. You're not there to 'bring reason' to the fans, you're just here trying to delude yourself and swear at her alrightㅎ Instead of spending your energy on other people, you guys don't seem to know yourselves, but we all know you through your swears

4. Why isn't she aging?ㅜㅜ I bet foreigners would think she's just a teenagerㅜㅜㅜ Young and pretty...

5. It's not easy to evade taxes and clean your image that cleanly, I'm amazed every time I see her 

6. Tax evasion~

7. A celebrity is a celebrity 

8. She seems to have lost a lot of weight, she's so skinny. She's too pretty 

9. Aren't those pictures edited?

10. I don't find her pretty anymore because of her image... Even with all those filters on, she doesn't look pretty 

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