Group TWICE has renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment.

On the 12th, JYP announced, "TWICE has renewed their contracts with all the members ahead of the expiration of their contract this Fall."

"TWICE, who played a instrumental role in acquiring JYP Entertainment's top status as a K-Pop agency, and JYPE, which played the role of a stepping stone in support for TWICE's growth as a representative girl group in the K-Pop scene, came to an agreement to renew based on trust and loyalty from both sides and a certainty for future progress.”

Through this renewal of the contract, TWICE will once again continue their strong and close relationship and loyalty with JYP.


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1. As expected from our Teu-dooongie!! 9Twice forever!

2. We don't know how many years they renewed it for? Anyways this is freaking goodㅠㅠ They were one of the girl groups that I likedㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congrats to the fans

3. I thought I was just a casual listener, but I think I'm actually a fan, why am I cryingㅠ

4. Wow daebak! Congratulations to Twice and the fans

5. Of course~ Now that they started to enter the US market...

6. Oh I already sensed it when they all opened their IG and posted pictures of the full group together. Congrats

7. It's nice to see the entire team renew

8. Why did I already acted like they all renewed?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Twice congrats

9. Their group promotions were to successful that even if only 1 member leaves, it would be way too sad... 

10. I love it too much. Honestly JYP did put a lot of support in Twice... And you could see in Nayeon's solo too... I felt like this was obvious?? Twice forever

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