Cha Eunwoo
Infinite L
Im Siwan
Bangtan V
The Boyz Juyeon
Monsta X Chae Hyungwon

Who else?

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1. [+82, -19]
I don't think that Juyeon and Hyungwon have the visuals to be mentioned here but to be honest, I find Juyeon and Hyungwon's visuals handsomer than the ones from the big companies

2. [+57, -5]
L, V, Cha Eunwoo and 'Im Siwan' (T/N: I think OP didn't include him at first)

3. [+44, -4]
Can you delete this? It's true that Hyungwon and Juyeon are f*cking handsome but I feel like it will attract the trolls

4. [+29, -1]
Kids like Cha Eunwoo and L were always legendary so that's why. Kids like Hyungwon and Juyeon are indeed above average but I think that this post is setting them up

5. [+24, -1]
Just the comments say, Cha Eunwoo, L and Im Siwan are way too legendary so... Hyungwon and Juyeon definitely don't have the looks to be bashed on no? Considering the recent male idols, they seriously are f*cking handsome

6. [+20, -1]
But it's true that even from a mid-sized company, Hyungwon and Juyeon are way above average. They are tall, have good physiques, are freaking handsome and are good at their work too. Kids like Im Siwan and L are just the top of the industry

7. [+19, -26]
I find Juyeon and Hyungwon both likable but to be honest, they shouldn't be included in this lineup

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