Aren't the atmosphere of each fandom so different? When 127 had their Gocheok concert, the Dream fans were f*cking mocking them on Twitter and they even trended Dream's Concert on Twitter but the 127 fans aren't doing the same with Dream's concert this time

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1. [+280, -27]
Uhm.. I'm not a fan of either Dream nor 127 but as a 3rd party, 127 looks a bit pitiful...

2. [+270, -10]
The most legendary thing these kids did was this. They bashed 127's members for sending food and coffee trucksㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+228, -16]
Dream fans have always been like this. Last time, they couldn't win a Daesang so they trended hashtags and sent a protest truck. Their concert got cancelled because of Corona so they went in front of the Gocheok dome without their masks and were shouting their fanchants. Just thinking about this shows their level

4. [+174, -7]
To the kids saying that the 127 fans are the same have lost their shame ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They made a fuss because members mentioned 'Dear Dream', they made a fuss because they sent a coffee truck, they made a fuss saying that 127 are pretending to be close, they made a fuss saying that only 127 gets pushed and they made more fuss because Dream couldn't receive a Daesang so they sent a protest truck ㅠㅠ for the 127 fans, even if they are not fans of Dream, they view them positively but the Dream fans f*cking hate the 127 members. They are seriously disgusting

5. [+148, -2]
I'm a NCTzen who left the fandom and saying this might be a bit meh but hate is what drives fangirling so that's why they act like that. These kids are unaware but as soon as 127 does something, they would compare them with Dream. But being severe aside, this is way too severe

6. [+124, -2]
The atmospheres are f*cking different. If you can't admit this, you honestly have no shame ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just their reputation alone is different. Because 127's side got so much hate, there are stronger people in the fandom now but you still can't compare them with Dream

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