Not long ago, on Vlive, Chungha talked about her company saying "I want to leave my company" "Please remove me" and right now, the Vlive has been removed and they never uploaded it. Even for Sparkling, she didn't upload a single picture of her Sparkling music show promotion and we only learned it because she mentioned it in a video chat after the promotion ended. And then suddenly, they uploaded 200 pictures of her right away. Turns out, Chungha actually sent her pictures to the company, but the company was the one not releasing them. Meanwhile, Chungha played dumb when people asked her why they didn't released the pictures, she said she didn't know. On Twitter and on IG too, they posted about her and because of spelling mistakes, they removed it and they kept reuploading photo and video teasers at the wrong time and the fans ended up being pissed. She had 4 pre-released song but they didn't even promote her once when the sales started so nobody knew about it. I'm not asking small companies to act like big companies, but Chungha rose them from the ground up and they were able to pay employees with the money Chungha earned. Meanwhile, they f*cking suck at their work. From the fans' perspective, they rather see her leave the company and join a big company with more money. Or Chungha can move to a company that will actually listen to her so she can do everything she wants. 

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Wasn't her company known to be good at doing their job in the past?

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She's known to take care of her own people, so for her to say that, it must be really severe. Seriously she should go to a company that will treat her right 

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What to do? I thought Chungha didn't want to comeback but after I looked her up, she actually made a comeback 

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If Chungha is saying that herself, just how bad the company must be...? I thought they were quite good at doing their work no? Why are they suddenly in chaos?

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I always thought they took good care of hey, why are they like that nowadays..? Seriously they lacked so much promotions for all the recent songs she released

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