I find him handsome... Sometimes I'm shocked that his eyes come out looking small but 80% of the time, it's because his eyes are blurred

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1. [+74, -4]
There are lots of people who like his type of face. How to say it? He has a pretty face silhouette

2. [+55, -12]
I f*cking love his face... I know that it's based on taste but even so, he's on the handsome side

3. [+52, -3]
His nose is f*cking pretty 

4. [+24, -0]
When he was young, I don't know, but now that he's an adult, he became hotter and handsomer, his nose is also pretty, especially his side profile, he's f*cking handsome 

5. [+23, -0]
When he was younger, he totally looked like just a choding/middle schooler, but now, I can see why he's handsome, he's charming 

6. [+20, -0]
His face is f*cking pretty. When I see his side profile, I can see why he's handsome. And his hands are big, and he's tall but his eyes are small so when he smiles, he looks so cute, he looks fine.. 

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