I'm writing this since I was scrolling through my SNS at dawn and got a huge reality check

Honestly speaking, I go on Pann every day. But you guys also feel like there are a lot of hate posts on the featured talks right?
But seeing the hate posts, I f*cking got a reality check

Every day, people are writing posts about how so and so's results flopped but f*ck, as soon as you go outside of Pann, you'll see that these idols are ranking #1 on Spotify in a bunch of countries, that they are setting new records with their MVs, that they are performing well digitally, and those posts are just flooding in everywhere else

If you only live on Pann, f*ck, you'll think that there's nothing else but Melon and kids here think that Melon means the world. Also, idols are just taking turns back and forth in the upper class. F*ck, it was such a wakeup call.

It just felt like the golden spoons were fighting for their ranking in the upper class while dirty spoons are chattering at the bottom. I felt so embarrassed
Why do I have to get such reality check?

Also, f*ck, to the people who take screencaps of music shows to claim that so and so is too short, is too broad, is pretty, etc..
Yah... f*ck, it just reminded me of those ugly and unsuccessful kids at school hating on the pretty and popular kids. I felt so ashamed

To be honest, from Bangtan to NewJeans, all the idols who get mentioned here every day are all successful and popular both in Korea and overseas and that's just a fact.
And if their results are a bit lower, it's just for an instant. And also, that would only apply for Korean charts. Seriously, I'm so pissed off

Seeing how SNSD were getting hate for ranking #2 seriously just makes me sigh
They are already at the top of the top... what a reality check, wow...

Just coming on Pann makes me embarrassed. Back then, it wasn't this severe but nowadays, it's just slowly getting more severe

Pann-kids, let me teach you some facts.

SNSD, Bangtan, BP, Seventeen, NCT, Twice, RV, Gfriend, Winner, iKON, BTOB, Mamamoo, I-dle, ITZY, Aespa, IVE, Le Sserafim, NewJeans

These idols have already hit the top and there are idols who are hitting the top now too. These are all idols who have already succeeded. No matter if their results are worse as a group, solo or unit now doesn't matter because they already succeeded. They all have their own house and car. I'm f*cking jealous

Get in your right minds
You guys are comparing their faces and cursing at them. But if you look properly, people are going "unnie, you're so pretty~ oppa, you're so handsome~ nuna, you're so pretty~ hyung, you're so cool~" 

F*ck, cut it down. I'm getting a reality check for you guys

"From what I see, no one is in their right mind"

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1. [+132, -4]
When you said "It just felt like the golden spoons were fighting for their ranking in the upper class while dirty spoons are chattering at the bottom"< This part gave me a f*cking reality check...

2. [+53, -3]
Of course, if you go outside of the Internet, they are achieving all sorts of records. The kids that you guys are calling "flops" have already earned all the money they need at your age and are done preparing for their golden age so it's impossible to compare yourselves with themㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is all just inferiority complex since someone your age is already earning so much while you have achieved nothing so far

3. [+32, -2]
If you can't stop going on community sites, then you should at least go on other community sites and not Pann (aside from DC Gallery). There are way too many trolls here and they all look mentally ill

4. [+9, 0]
People should just support idols when they are doing well. Posting hate posts about them on Pann is just f*cking contradictoryㅋㅋㅋㅋ instead, use that time to apply to jobs, think about which university to go to, study more or focus on your life. Just now, I saw a hate post about IVE's Reiㅋㅋㅋ seriously, I'm embarrassed for you guys and I'm getting a reality check for you

5. [+8, -1]
For real, you said everything I wanted to say

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