I kinda get what they want. They don't really care about who their artists or singers are but they want to create a system. Even when Super Junior debuted, for a year, they wanted to make the 1st, 2nd and 3rd versions of the group but because the fans opposed strongly to it, the project was scrapped. Then when EXO first debuted, they had EXO-K and EXO-M and they wanted to promote in Korea and China with the same songs at the same time. When I heard it at first, I found it ridiculous. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse but since the Chinese members left, the plan never came to realization. And as for NCT's system, I still don't quite understand it even now. Can someone please explain it in simple terms? As for Aespa, they want to make AI members. They don't need human singers but they need something that can experiment with any concept they want. Their lyrics are all over the place and they only care of the melody, sound and the visuals. Is what they ultimately want AI singers? I honestly suspect if they even think about their company's singer as artists. I know that once they debut their artists, they won't just throw them away but it's like they don't like to see their artists grow out of their control (ex. Kwangya). And it seems like they don't want their singers to choose a concept that they don't want. What do you guys think?

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But every company is like this. They want to reduce the dependency on their products while reducing their risks

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They don't want artists but perfect products. But nowadays, you can see a lot of kids who don't match up even to that. 

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Is that why they don't get kicked out even if they get into scandals?

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I think that there are no other companies who do as much for their artists as SM. Whether it's personal promotions, acting, variety, singing, etc. they will support you in everything

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When you actually end up being a fan of them, it's really so-so...

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But what OP's saying is true. Karina had that AI-like game character look that Lee Sooman was going so that's why they formed Aespa as a team with Karina as the main character. That's why all the Rookies trainees were removed. But it's true that you should remove the kids who don't match the team's image

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