(T/N: OP uses the word "환승이별" which literally means "transfer + relationship" to describe someone who finds someone else right after their previous relationship. Kind of like a rebound)

On the 3rd of May, GD's bag had a 'J (Jennie)' letter as well as a text saying "You and Me" on his bag

"However, GD, who had planned to be overseas for a month, returned to Korea sooner than expected. Lee Jin-ho said, "On the 12th, GD, who had planned to stay in Europe for a month, suddenly returned to Korea, and it was an unexpected change of schedule. The reason was unknown." he added, "he appeared with a tired face and there was no photo time he returned to the country. I couldn't see his bag when he came home. The atmosphere was also very different from when he left," he recalled."

GD was supposed to stay overseas for a month but he came back only after 10 days with a gloomy look on his face

On May 22nd-23rd, a commoner realized that Jennie appeared in a video she was trying to shoot for her Vlog. She took a screencap of it and it created a buzz

The fans succeeded at doing mental gymnastics saying that the picture was edited

While the fans were in chaos, V took Jennie to his beauty shop and spent a good time together

In the end, they reconfirmed their relationship

Even for a relationship, you still need to keep your manners. GD who got hit with a transfer relationship is getting dragged again because of that picture

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1. [+299, -155]
But to be honest, even I wouldn't have wanted to date GD for that long. I would've liked a young, tall and handsome V way more...

2. [+279, -135]
Then should she be dating GD for the rest of her life?ㅋㅋㅋ Also, the "transfer relationship" rumors are all created by the Bang-jummas (T/N: Bigbang fans + ahjumma). Leave V and Jennie alone, you ahjummasㅠ

3. [+262, -42]
Wow he wore that backpack in May and then got hit with a transfer relationship at the start of May, and came back to the country and then V-Jennie went on Jeju-do on the 20th to play around no? GD has all the rights to be pissed off

4. [+147, -54]
The Bang-jummas are back at it again. If their relationship is over, then it's over. Why are you guys always making a fuss? You guys don't want to drag GD into this again but you guys sure are working hard to talk about him. We're not curious

5. [+103, -7]
Even GD's nuna unfollowed Jennie after her dating rumors with V were in the news

6. [+102, -28]
To the comments saying that transfer relationships are fine, alright, then your lover is also better off dating someone prettier and kinder than you... You guys are mad for praising V-Jennie for this transfer relationship. Have you guys caught the cool-disease?

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