Oh My Girl isn't girl crush, StayC is also not girl crush
Chungha isn't girl crush, Sunmi isn't either
Choi Yena, Nayeon, ITZY, Fromis_9, Kep1er either
NMIXX is half-half
Twice isn't girl crush, RV, SNSD, Viviz, LOONA, WJSN, Brave Girls either

Le Sserafim, BlackPink, Aespa and Idle are the only ones who are girl crush 

Girl crush concepts are definitely the minority, looking at it, there are only 4 teams that are girl crush among girl groups right now?

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1. [+156, -36]
Le Sserafim isn't really girl crush... They have a concept that's more meant for male fans

2. [+93, -6]
I can agree with the post, but ITZY, Kep1er, LOONA and ITZY aren't girl crush...? Kep1er's debut was girl crush, and when they were on Queedom, they did girl crush covers too. And they also did a lot of collab stage. Aside from Sneakers, all of ITZY's songs were girl crush concepts. And LOONA's Flip That was refreshing, but Why Not, So What, PTT, etc. were all girl crush 

3. [+75, -9]
That's why I'm saying the kids who are hating and acting like they're 'tired' of the girl crush concept inherently hate their own bias group, because their bias aren't doing girl crush 

4. [+34, -3]
First of all, their songs have to be loud and sound like 'I'm jjang' 

5. [+32, -4]
Bullsh*t Chungha isn't girl crushㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ? This is just nonsense 

6. [+24, -0]
For real 

7. [+18, -1]
Aren't ITZY and LOONA girl crush?

8/ [+17, -0]
The concept isn't the issue, it's that I hate messy songs;; songs with beat that are too intense

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