A festival official said that his in-ear broke + due to the nature of the festival, there were around 100,000 spectators, the performance was held in a van drive and it lasted 70 minutes. He performed without hearing his own voice due to the noiseㄷㄷ
But his live was f*cking perfect. NME gave him a full score for his stage

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Really crazy... 

2. [+73, -4]
Wowㅠㅠ He really didn't make it obvious 

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Does he have an artificial heart? How was he able to dance and sing at the same time like that? I'm curious. I'd die even singing one song, but he performed 19 songs. No matter how you see it, he's not human 

5. [+24, -1]
The reason why Jung Hoseok is amazing, is that he's born with talent and he pours his blood over the effort he's putting, and he's even able to act like a total professional... Usually, if you looked at BTS' concerts, he's acting as the choreography team lead, so he is working diligently for them, but this time, it looks like he put even more care into it! He must've been taken aback from this kind of accident on stage, but he didn't make it obvious at all and he was able to perform perfectly. He's making me crazy proud

6. [+14, -1]
I always knew he was good live, but I really need succeed ticketing to hear him perform live onsiteㅠ

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