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No matter when I look at her, she looks like a real model walking.... 

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Lisa is even nominated for the VMAs, I really hope she gets to perform Money on stage there... F*ck we cannot be the only ones who know about her talents, all Americans need to know about her 

2. [+44, -2]
She's 166 with this kind of proportions, it makes no sense... Lisa is seriously legendary... (They revealed her height and weight on Real Men in the past) 

3. [+29, -2]
Lalisa's model walk is f*cking mad

4. [+19 ,-2]
But that's a real 'long legs' case no? I always laugh when I see others stan on that person with a trunk waist because of their "long legs"... Your waist needs to be super slim and your torso needs to be short for your legs to look long 

5. [+16, -1]
She's the one top in terms of domestic idols' bodies

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