"If they have any shame, these f*ckers shouldn't be going to fansigns"

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1. [+71, -10]
That account owner is an Enhypen fan, a Niki fan on top of that ... I would've understood if she was a Sunghoon or Sunoo fan butㅋㅋㅋㅋ I have so much to say 
- I love you
- You love me 
- Of course of course

2. [+57, -7]
She's an Enhypen fangirl? F*ckㅋㅋ

3. [+50, -54]
So what do you guys think of ajummas in their 30s coming with a full setting (t/n: setting = makeup + hair done at the shop) and making idols do aegyo and go "So cute~" seriously they make me want to barf

4. [+41, -0]
Imagine shooting someone illegally because they're fat and going around on internet with their picture to let other mock them and swear at them, if you were the party involved, what would you think?

5. [+28, -2]
If that person was a woman, people would've told her to not mock commoners

6. [+25,- 0]
F*cking rude. This is a person too, and he spent the money to go there, it's not like he broke in the door and obstinately wanted to sit there.. They're the same kids who will start convulse when their faces are getting judged but they're going around with that habit

7. [+16, -3]
She's an Enhypen fan

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