Omurice appeared on the trending tags of Twitter
So which group gave omurice as a tribute at IAC?

"Omurice that you can't bare"
- To ATINY who will attend IAC 2022,
Bring your coupon and get a delicious meal

"What's even funnier is that they didn't even rent Kimbap Heaven (t/n: they didn't rent the location for people to eat), they're just using Kimbap Heaven to distribute omurice coupons. Right now there are countless fangirls around yet they're taking the only few tables here to eat their omurice in this heat f*ckㅋㅋ ha.."

Apparently, they didn't rent those Kimbap Heaven places, rather, they were just there to distribute omurice coupons and making fans eat omurice in the heat

"Ah I feel like crying Atinys"
"Wow it's f*cking hot outside but there a line in front of the Kimbak Heaven.."

"I'm so annoyed, right now, there's an explosion of fangirls 
The person next to me is fighting a P1-Harmony fan and got freaking disillusioned so they took their wallet and asked me if I wanted to eat steak? I need to meet them sorry
And the fans are freaking rude too;; They're telling us to stay quiet otherwise ATEEZ will scold us bullsh*tㅋㅋ"

P1-Harmony were also handing out 10,000won coupons at Kimbap Heaven and the seats were lacking so the fans were fighting over eating at Kimbap Heaven 

In the end, people took out from Kimbap Heaven and ate on the floorㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Fan: Minki prince nim, are you eating lunch?
Minki: I'm eating a lunchbox! 
Fan: Is that right... Is it food?
Minki: It's just any meant lunchbox???

Meanwhile, ATEEX is eating lunchboxes

ATEEZ are wearing Rolex as daily outfits
They shouldn't be only caring about themselves, they earned money thanks to their fans, please put some sincerity in your tribute!

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1. [+321, -3]
They can use that same 6,000 won to buy a sandwich, what's up with Kimbap Heaven?

2. [+257, -3]
P1-Harmony are smaller compared to ATEEZ yet they were giving 10,000won coupons to Kimbap HEaven, meanwhile ATEEZ are going on world tour and are f*cking earning big money, and they're handing out 6,000 won omurice

3. [+248, -6]
I can eat that by myself, it would be considered a lack of manners if my friend took me out for lunch and treated me to Kimchi Heaven 

4. [+153, -0]
P1-Harmony actually rented Kimchi Heaven meanwhile ATEEZ are just using it to distribute coupons, meanwhile they're fighting for seats

5. [+126, -1]
Seriously this is a typical example of getting sworn at even if it's paid for you... They seriously have no tactㅋㅋIf they could just give out sandwiches or bread, people wouldn't have made such a fuss

6. [+114, -0]
Seems like they were thoughtless, the fans woke up in the middle of the night to sit there without getting paid for an entire day, meanwhile they're going around with Rolexes and giving out Kimbap Heaven coupons? Meanwhile the fangirls don't have enough seats to sit on and they're creating a huge chaos. If I was treated like that, I'd quit the fandom 

7. [+89, -0]
They could've at least let them choose the menuㅋㅋ Do they not know how much they need to pay part-timers to sit there if the fans didn't show up as audience?

8. [+66, -0]
Ah ㅋㅋ

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