"At that time, sunbae-nim memorized the dance so fast. He memorized the whole chorus and pulled it off pretty well so I was super thankful since he was nice to us"

Wow!!! I'm a MOA and I'm so thankful
I hope there won't be trolls

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1. [+41, -8]
Please have NewJeans and TXT film Hype Boy togetherㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+24, 0]
NewJeans are so pretty and their songs are good ㅠㅠ they are freaking likable

3. [+21, 0]
I'm a MOA and I seriously find Haerin-nim so cute.... I watched their whole radio segment too

4. [+15, 0]
But why is there a need to mention 'don't feed the trolls' here/

5. [+4, -8]
Did she not mention ENHYPEN?

6. [+3, 0]
I'm a MOA and I like NewJeans so much. I hope they win #1 on music shows next week, especially on Inkigayo!!!!!!!!!

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