The kids (trainees) that they already have are all pretty and their skills are good, Are they all going to come out? If you look at the pictures or the dance videos of the trainees that they have right now, you can tell that they have lots of pretty kids and they're f*cking good dancers too. They sing well and their proportions are solid. It's said that they're all going to come out... So just how perfect will they be...? I'm so looking forward to it

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1. [+206, -8]
They're considered BlackPink's hoobae group, of course they'll raise them to hit big 

2. [+202, -8]
They already have groups like 2NE1 - BlackPink... I'm too looking forward to it. Since it's YG, they should be pushed well and I hope they're grinding their teeth trying to bring them up to par to what we have seen 

3. [+191, -17]
The girl group I'm most looking forward to is YG's upcoming girl group... YG seriously knows how to raise their gemale idols

4. [+143, -0]
If YG wasn't satisfied with them, they'd probably wait until the 4th generation passed and debut them during the 5th generation. They'll never debut someone sloppily... Even though they'll probably dry up the trainees' blood

5. [+120, -12]
Isn't the actual power house for girl groups YG?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+85, -0]
Please I beg you not to debut any Japanese or Chinese

7. [+61, -0]
My prediction is that they'll release the girl group next year in August. YG loves August

8. [+53, -0]
2NE1 mastered the talent field and BlackPink mastered the star factor field, their next girl group must have a f*cking huge burden on their shoulders. Because of YG's perfectionist nature, I'm sure they won't let anything slide

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