They say that only Jennie gets pretty clothes and that Lisa gets ugly clothes
The videos taking jabs at Jennie has over 13M views
They've been framing Jennie as the 'YG princess' for years now
The SEA fans have terrorized her with hate comments
Actually, it's been years since she was the main rapper but had no rap part

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1. [+183, -19]
The SEA kids' inferiority complex is just severe towards north Asia (Korea, Japan, China) so they kinda have that victim mentality + sense of rivalry. It's because Lisa appeared and is doing well that they are going crazyㅋㅋ These SEA people can't help it but self-insert in Lisa

2. [+146, -44]
Lisa's SEA fans keep saying that Lisa is the prettiest BP member, that the other members' visuals only work in Korea and that Lisa is a beauty that encompasses Korea and is a worldwide beautyㅋㅋ

3. [+140, -12]
Lisa's SEA fans keep making videos about her being tormented by the other members too

4. [+86, -6]
Rose posted Lisa's birthday wishes late and was terrorized by her SEA fans

5. [+72, -3]
Why aren't they accusing Lisa of white washing when she looks paler now than when she was in Thailand? They always cry out white washing everywhere no?

6. [+49, -40]
Your unnie has 2x more parts. Have some shame.

7. [+45, -9]
Can these SEA fans just screw off? Ha... seriously

8. [+40, -28]
Jennie is YG's princess? Seems like it's Lisaㅋㅋㅋ

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