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Yeri: Hype Boy

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1. [+138, -12]
Yeri's haters are here again and making a fuss in the commentsㅠㅠ Looks like you guys felt targeted when Yeri took a jab!
"Actually I kinda pity them, the people who bring others down and make money on top of it...ㅋㅋㅋWe should just live our lives while focusing on our own life and live happily"

2. [+127, -4]
Wow the same as me

3. [+121, -3]
Sigh why are articles with Yeri always filled with comments like these

4. [+85, -171]
She's trying to clout chase for friendships again... Just go practice instead

5. [+49, -1]
The comments seriously caught some kind of diseaseㅋㅋ To Yeri, you guys are just pitiful beings.. You can waste your time all you want, she won't care a bit!

6. [+32, -70]
She went from the Jennie disease to the NewJeans disease

7. [+15, -1]
So many mentally disabled people here...ㅠ

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