I wonder why they would do this by running a chance of having misunderstanding
I'm not saying that they should do this but it just gives me the Gfriend vibes..
It reminds me of Me Gusta Tu's album cover so I like it

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This one

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It looks the same. They must've looked at Gfriend and plagiarized them

3. [+38, -3]
Oh what the? It's the same

4. [+21, -23]
But even Gfriend copied Soshi and Apink's vibe when they debtued

5. [+18, 0]
I'm a Buddy and I rather like it since they remind me of Gfriend's debut days? Wasn't Gfriend's seniority similar to IVE's at that time? It's not like that picture's angle was something uncommon. It reminds me of the time Gfriend was accused of plagiarizing others based on the smallest things when I used to be their fan so I can understand the IVE's fans' feelings now

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Buddys, don't feed the troll

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