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Is it for real that Soobin had no confidence when he debuted with a face like this......... he's above 185, is a pretty boy with good personality and also loves to communicate with the fans.... he's seriously the real deal.... I hope he tries to go into acting

2. [+29, -1]
Please give Soobinie a lead position in a drama. It's a loss if we don't use his visuals for a drama....  HYBE-yah, please give him an acting solo gig.... I hope he can act as the lead in something like the Reply seriesㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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No but I freaking like him. Please take responsibility for me. Seriously, what to do.. ah... I'm gonna become a fan

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Seriously the actor-type

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In my opinion, he's at least in the top 3 male idols visuals of the 4th gen

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