Looks like just like Hera, Sulhwasoo is trying to get a younger image, she suits this 
As expected the more you diss BlackPink, the more they'll succeed.. They're so cool 

There were so many people who said that Rose really suits Homeplus and thanks to Rose, their sales have gone up a lot and they even renewed their contract. Rose's unique image is being leveraged on each of her brand, so of course people would want to contact her 

+ To the people who are misunderstanding, Song Hyekyo is still the model for Sulhwasoo, it's just that Rose is added to the Sulhwasoo line

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1. [+70, -4]
Hera changed to Jennie and their image certainly got younger, now a lot of people in their 20s are using Hera

2. [+47, -2]
Rose is amazing, seriously from Saint-Laurent, to OiOi, to Tiffany&Co, to Yves Saint-Laurent beauty and now Homeplus and Sulhwasoo

3. [+41, -2]
Wow looks like BP are working a lot with Amore. Hera with Jennie, Mise En Scene with all of BP and now Sulhwasoo with Rose

4. [+21, -0]
Just why are people exploding with inferiority complex towards her being with Sulhwasoo? It's not like Sulhwasoo is a makeup brand, and Rose is known to have f*cking good skin. She suits it for sure. And isn't it better that she's making the brand younger-looking?

5. [+17, -0]
But she's serioulsly amazing. It's not easy to get that many brands, she must be receiving so many love calls no? And at that age, her career is already at the top, but just how much bigger can she get.. She's living such a cool life

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