10. Seventeen Vernon

9. Wanna One Hwang Minhyun

8. Wanna One Ong Seongwu

7. NCT Taeyong

6. EXO Sehun

5. EXO Suho

4. NCT Jaehyun

3. BTS Jin

2. BTS V

1. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

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1. [+141, -120]
V and Jin on #2 and #3ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you ARMY b*tches are seriously amazing

2. [+126, -78]
His fans have been faking the upvotes on Pann and overrating his visuals while saying that he's from a different league than Cha Eunwoo and that he's the best pretty boy of the 3rd gen. But if you remove the editing, he looks the worst of that least and he also has a big face and so-so proportions

3. [+101, -67]
Don't you get a reality check from hating on V's looks? V has been chosen as the #1 flower boy internationally over 10 times. He's not someone you guys can hate

4. [+64, -4]
I think that this was written by a Cha Eunwoo fan. They are treating him like some god by putting him first among other male idols just to get others hate. But it's because he can't dance, can't sing, can't act and the only thing he has is his face

5. [+56, -35]
To the people hating on V, I'm really curious about who your bias is

6. [+45, -14]
Look at how they put Taeyong, this was written by a f*cking NCTzen

7. [+41, -32]
ㅋㅋㅋ F*cking pathetic, just try saying that V's going through adverse change or that he's all about editing, during the 3rd gen, V's Blood Sweat Tears chewed up the whole industry because of how popular it was

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