It's so nice to see her healthy 

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I've always felt like that but the cordi is seriously too much... Jeongyeon was sick so she gained a bit of weight, but they can totally dress her more safely. Since her legs and arms are relatively less fat, they can just make her wear something that is not too short and not stuck on her stomach and cover it. She could've looked way prettier. Meanwhile, she dressed her to show all her flaws. All things aside, it's scary to see people leave comments on a sick kid like thatㅡㅡ The cordi just seems to lack tact in dressing people overall. I hope she educates herself and dresses her more safely 

2. [+315, -7]
Cut it down already you f*ckers. Even as a non-fan like me, I'm getting fed up. Look at yourself in the mirror right now. She's sick, you really want to act like that? Why are you even alive?

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I don't think she needs to stand on stage when she looks like that, she should be resting instead

4. [+144 ,-24]
Our Jeongyeon, us Once are so happy that you're able to appear with OT9 Twice <3

5. [+135, -21]
I feel like she's healthy enough if she's able to promote now.. All she needs to do is to start managing her body to go back to how she was no?

6. [+120, -5]
Honestly, isn't it better for her to just rest? I know that she's sick but she keeps appearing and working like that, she probably thinks it's better for herself to go attend all schedules, but it must be so hard on her too. I feel like Jeongyeon probably also feel the other members who have to accommodate for her

7. [+116, -41]
People have been f*cking bashing Liz, meanwhile they just walk about how sick Jeongyeon is all the time, meanwhile, if she was sick, do you think she'll be able to dance like that on stage in such tight clothes?

8. [+101, -30]
So we shouldn't touch her because she's sick meanwhile that fandom is ok bashing a young kid for the same reasons? That fandom is seriously disgusting

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