I'm a bit shocked by it 
Why would you lipsync at a concert...? At a concert..????
I've never seen my bias not lipsync in their concert so I thought it was a given to do everything live, but isn't it humanely wrong to lipsync at a concert? I'm not talking about the dance being too hard, but aren't you just a dancer if you're just lipsyncing the whole concert?

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1, [+480, -35]
SM Con tsk tsk 

2. [+452, -3]
Honestly.. why would you go to their concert...

3. [+410, -3]
They're not worthy of the singer title 

4. [+165, -1]
It's ok if you want to lipsync. But cut the ticket price half of the half. Shouldn't I just pay the same as streaming digitally?

5. [+124, -1]
The fans who claim that they don't hate it means that they actually hate it but they don't want to stir a controversy so they're staying quiet 

6. [+123, -40] 
Everyone aside from RV lipsynced at the SM Con, I was f*cking shocked. The fans are paying so much just to see them move their lips around 

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And it's not like they're such good performers that they can cover for the lipsync either; And there are even better performers who actually perform live too 

8. [+67, -0]
I hate it so much.. I'm okay with voice cracks, just do it live


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