[enter-talk] WHAT'S UP WITH LISA...;;;

she was in her legendary days at the VMA

She went from being the first Asian star to be on the cover of the New York fashion magazine V to being crowned at the VMA... She's so cool and makes me so proudㅠㅠㅠㅠ I know how hard she worked to be at the top so it makes her even cooler

Ending this with this movie-like picture of Lisa

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1. [+92, -6]
But when it comes to Lisa, I feel like she'll be successful in everything she does. She's not just good at rapping and dancing, her language skills are f*cking outstanding too. It's my first time seeing a Thai person whose Korean accent is this good and who's this fluent. She's just such a cool person overall

2. [+78, -7]
This pic of Lisa is like a movieㅋㅋㅋ Even her f*cking long black dress is perfect

3. [+60, -9]
I love you....

4. [+28, -15]
She's not even Korean so why..

5. [+27, -3]
K-popㅋ this is so ironicㅋ the Thai kids must be so proud thoughㅋㅋ

6. [+19, -3]
I can feel Lisa's kindness so I find her totally likable even as a fan of another group. When Lisa received the award yesterday, I bet that Thailand was going crazy too

7. [+14, 0]
She came to Korea alone when she was just 14 y.o so she must've had a lot of hardships here and there, but she overcame them one by one and is showing her cool side at an US award ceremony like this. As a fan, I'm so proud of her and she's pretty cool. I hope that Lisa can become an even bigger world star


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