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"I've never seen a celebrity with as much mental strength as IU 

Looking at Song Mino acting like a complete loser in front of Oh Eunyoung made me want to beat him up. 

Nowadays, looking at male celebrities, they all only seem manly with their bodies but they're all 14 y'o kids mentally. 

Honestly, IU should be the national hip hop one top. 

To those losers who can't even win over their own emotions, don't even try to become like IU."

Mino is talking about his own problem, why is a 3rd party angry at him...? 
And he's here not only mocking him but also wanting to beat him up...?
On top of it, the random comparison with IU and bashing boys who are 14 y'o...?
And he's claiming that men can't cry?
He's a complete mess

+ he added

"Depression is a disease that you can always get if you want to get it and use it as an excuse. 

Depression can be treated immediately if you simply choose not to be depressed

If I keep receiving DMs from people spitting nonsense, me too, I'll choose to catch depression. 

Everything you're saying to me, from now on, will be an attack on the weak with depression, I will punish you according to the PC license law."

"Depression, anxiety, jealousy, it all plays out from ignorance"

He claims that depression is a disease that you can catch as an excuse
And that you can treat it as long as you make the choice
And that it stems from ignorance

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1. [+256, -0]
He can say all he wants, Song Mino doesn't care about him 

2. [+206, -2]
A misogynist and a misandrist...Impressive!

3. [+136, -3]
That Youtuber is seriously also swearing at people who have depression. What kind of bullsh*t is catching depression because you want to catch it...

4. [+69, -0]
Is he sure that he doesn't want to beat Mino up because they have the same style but different vibes?

5. [+61, -0]
When I look at people like him, I realize that ignorance is a crime

6. [+48, -0]
Youtuber: Just like you think about your oppa's feelings, think about my feelings too 

"Just who does he think he is? Why should we think about him?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's the one complaining because the fans attacked him on his IG and talking about not wanting to receive attention from women with a virtual boyfriendㅋ He's the one randomly pulling someone else's hair and then complains because he's receiving a beating"

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