Lee Naeun - Signed contract with Namoo actors, actress profile revealed
Kim Chaewon - After wrapping up her Korean-Japan fanmeeting, she found a new agency, she's planning to release a new album 
Yoon Chaekyung - Signed to an acting agency, actress profile revealed
Rachel - Stayed with DSP media, actress profile revealed
Lee Jinsol - Found a new company 
Yang Yena - Signed with an acting company, expected to play the lead in an upcoming movie

Lee Hyunjoo - After releasing a post on her IG story to celebrate Uni.t's anniversary, she stopped everything 
There's nothing on her recent whereabouts 

Jun Somin - Renewed contract with KARD, doing international tour right now

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1. It's just a fact that this group bullied her, meanwhile only the victim of the bullying is unable to promote right now.. What kind of irony is this 

2. Looking at the reports here and there, what I realize is that their personalities just didn't mesh together and the misunderstandings built up because of that... I don't think there is a clear assailant and victim here... But I can tell that Hyunjoo really had a hard time living with that group 

3. They're all going into acting 

4. I just hope everyone does well in their respective paths

5. Aside from 2 people on those pictures, I can't even tell who's who 

6. Wow what a disappointment from Namoo Actors

7. I support everyone! It's possible that you have misunderstandings while promoting as a group and you're bound to have conflicts, it just can't be heled.. But the truth is that Hyunjoo had a hard time living with that group 

8. I don't know what the truth is, but the reality is that it's hard to gather all the evidences to prove the truth when you're the one minority against the majority...

9. Hyunjoo-yah, I'll support you 

10. It's already hard for someone who has been bullied to gather the evidences, but you can clearly tell that this group's dynamic was rotten to the core. Of course the perpetrators will all gang up together N VS 1 ㅋㅋ... Sigh 

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