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Idols receive freaking lots of letters right? 
And I bet it would be hard for them to keep all of that
So they would take a picture of them and say that they'll keep them 
But are there more people who will complain about things like that? Or will there be more people who will be okay with that??

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1. Do people really think that because they're taking a picture of it, that they'll keep every single one of them??
> Yup yup 
>> Then I'll be even more touched, they must be freaking busy but this is taking time out of their hands... 

2. I feel like it's even more of a nuisance if they took pictures of it.. 

3. I bet the fans must be touched by it, but the trolls could take it and drag them, I don't think it's necessary for them to tell us they're keeping them..

4. It's indeed touching but depending on how they do it, it might attract the trolls.. Saying stuff like 'XX is just taking pictures of it and then throwing them all away"

5. Hul, I'd be really touched

6. They'll become an easy target to the trolls. They know that it's hard for them to keep everything, so they'll probably think that they're taking pictures of them so that they can get rid of them after??

7. This will 100% attract haters

8. I feel like it's better for them to take pictures of it... It kinda feels like they want to treasure them even after reading them?

9. It's romantic

10. It's indeed touching, but depending on what they say, trolls might be even more obsessed on whether they'll throw them away after

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